About Guasave, Sinaloa

A little more than 160 km north of Culiacan, capital of the state of Sinaloa, is the city (and municipality of the same name) of Guasave, name than means “place where there is land of work” in Cahita language. In the city and its surroundings, which include beaches and natural lagoons very attractive to the international tourist, there are several hotels and restaurants ready to welcome visitors.

Although there are tourist attractions in the city like the Templo de Nuestra Señora del Rosario and the Heroes de Sinaloa Auditorium, in the surroundings of Guasave there are places to visit with huge potential for tourism such as the Bahias de Navachiste and San Ignacio, Las Glorias and Boca del Rio beaches, the Sinaloa River and the Uyaqui Lagoon. Besides, history and culture lovers can visit the Nio and Pueblo Viejo towns and find ruins of the Jesuit Missions from the XVII century.

Its beaches and bays belong to the Gulf of California (or Sea of Cortez) and are charming enough to practice different water sports, such as the sport fishing. Hunting is other activity worth noting, especially attractive for the north American tourism.

When it comes to traditional celebrations we have to mention the Navachiste Festival, the Fiestas of Guasave and the ExpoGuasave-CANACINTRA, a modern event that has become a tradition every June. All this and the colorful celebrations to choose the “Flor Mas Bella del Ejido”, a beauty contest where beautiful young girls participate, are part of the many regional parties and celebrations.

Undoubtedly, Guasave is a destination that little by little has turn into one of the main cities to be visited by national and international tourists. Its resources, the vital character of its people and the kindness of its services will make your upcoming trip an unmatched experience.